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Outsourcing Back Office

Outsourcing Backoffice: Ca Infotech India has climbed its success ladder in a short span of time in Back office services. We satiate our clientele with our trained customer care representatives. Our dedicated human resource with a sound infrastructure is on a par with the best. Our Call centers have accomplished a long term relationship with our clients in bringing forth heightened customer satisfaction.

Are you a business owner conscious in profiting big? Then Ca Infotech India could elicit you through our wondrous back office support services. We provide you dream come true supportive services. Our back office services include a combination of corporate and non core services with technical support functions.

Our back office services include

Finance and Accounts

• Accounts Payable • Accounts Receivable • Fixed Assets

• Travel and Entertainment • General Accounting • Closing Processes

• Reconciliation

Data Conversion Services

• Document Conversion • XML Conversion • HTML Conversion • SGML Conversion

• CAD Conversion • Catalog Conversion • Book Conversion • PDF Conversion

Transaction processing

• Application Capture • Claims processing • Medical Billing

• Mortgage Origination • Mortgage Account Management • White/e-mail processing

• Record/Data Maintenance

Data Entry Services

• Online Data Entry • Offline Data Entry • Image Data Entry • Legal Data Entry

Transcription Services

• Medical Transcription • Business Transcription • General Transcription • Media Transcription

Order Management

• Order Data Capture • Order Processing

• Pricing Calculations • Customer/Order Data Management

• Order Tracking Returns & Exchange Management • Customer inquiries

Our call centers offer Telemarketing Lists specifically targeted to produce Qualified Mortgage Leads, Debt Leads, Financial Leads, Business Leads, Consumer Leads, Investment Leads, Insurance Leads, Real Estate Leads and many other types of industry specific Sales Leads.

Our back office support services enable you to concentrate fully on profit gaining. The tedious financial management and administrative services are effectively done by our expertise. Our well defined team could effectively provide you with the best of the best services far beyond your expectations.

We are working on several new products which will enhance our product line and bring a better back office services. Some of the below listed items will be added as we grow.

Electronic medical records
Forms processing
Pre-employment screening
Front office services
Functional testing, preventive health

Ca Infotech India’s back office services help you and your business to achieve top accolades. Our noteworthy services always provide an enviable platform to your business. Client confidentiality, cost effectiveness, superb quality are add – ons that reconcile world wide market for our back office services.

If you wish to avail any of our back office services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Article Date
June 4, 2015